What to expect at Unpacked 2019

We’re merely days away from the ‘official’ unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and all its brethren at Unpacked 2019. We’re expecting more than just a few phones to be announced, so here is everything we’ve seen leaked, learned, and expect to happen come February 20th.

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Apple will sell older iPhones back in Germany again

As Apple Inc. AAPL -0.22% said it would bring some phones back in stores in Germany, two months after removing them after it had removed the models because a court ruled here that the smartphone maker had infringed on a patent by Qualcomm Inc. QCOM 0.80% .



Apple Pay is coming in Saudi Arabia on February 19

As we’ve seen earlier this week, Apple Pay may be coming on February 19 in Czech Republic. Apple also said that the app will be coming in Saudi Arabia too.

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More than 16,000 cheaters banned from Apex Legends

More than 16,000 players has Respawn banned in the first ten days of the game says TechDomes, since February 5th. No one is yet to clarify in which platform those cheaters where, but Respawn is encouraging players to report them if they find anything suspicious. Personally I haven’t found any of them yet, but there are surely somewhere and I maybe cannot avoid them.

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Apple March event expected on March 25th on Steve Jobs Theater

BuzzFeed Newsreports today that Apple will hold a special spring event on March 25th at Steve Jobs Theater. The event is said to focus on Apple’s upcoming news subscription service, with hardware announcements unlikely.

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The Division 2 open beta begins on March 1

I was wondering when this game will start its first open beta for anyone wondering how to play and what to explore. Well, The Division 2 open beta is coming out on March 1 and it will run until March 4.

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Apex Legends reaches 25 million players in a week

A week ago Apex Legends was not to be seen, now it reaches 25 million players in seven only days! This is an absolute record for the Respawn Entertainment company and CEO Vince Zampella who surprised said “The community’s excitement for Apex Legends is electric, and we feel it here at the studio. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without you and look forward to having you on this journey with us.”

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My favorite iOS apps

For a long time now I’ve been thinking to write an article about my favorite apps and show to people how much they help me during my routine and generally my life. I carefully choosed five of them to represent this article and this is also a way to show them to you.

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AirPods 2: Everything we know so far

Reports have been coming for a really long time now and I am so pleased to finally sit down and write everything I know about maybe my future buy, AirPods 2. According to MySmartPrice, the brand new, upcoming AirPods 2 will feature a “new design” and a grip-inclined coating. Sources also rumor, that the new model will also have better sound quality, a black color offering and an improved bass sound.

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iPhone SE2 featuring notch and full glass rear

iPhone SE might have one of the most ambiguous futures in the Apple product lineup. Its blast-from-the-past design casts it as the final (for now) official iPhone from Apple with a 4-inch display, and although its A9 processor still holds its own today in 2019, it’s no secret an updated revival would do wonders.

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