17 facts about whatsapp you must know

17 facts about whatsapp you must know
WhatsApp 17 facts

Whatsapp┬áhas become the most used messaging app in today’s time. This mashing app has been acquired by Facebook. Facebook Social Network company took WhatsApp to $ 19 billion in February 2014. And if you pay attention, at all times, there is a new update in WhatsApp at a time intervals. And in April 2014, there is a lot of noise in WhatsApp’s number of message transfers.

17 facts about whatsapp you must know

In today’s article, we are sharing with you some of the facts related to Whatsapp, which you probably will not know about and will be able to know a lot.

17 Facts about Whatsapp (17 Facts About WhatsApp)

1.India is the largest market for Whatsapp messaging app i.e. most people use whatsapp in India (about 200m).
2.Whatsapp supports 10 Indian languages.
3.The price of whatsapp company is more than NASA’s annual budget.
4.When blocking a user on WhatsApp, there is no block from both sides.
5.When you type a message on whatsapp and touch the send button, the symbol of the clock (home) becomes a reality, it means that your message has not yet been on the Whatsap server.
6.On the social media, the selfie shares are being held in the present times by using 27% whitspump.
7.The way in which a website’s protocol is from http: //, the file for Local Pac System is from file: // when it accesses in the browser. Whatsapp has its own protocol (whatsapp: //), which is used for the web. “Whatsapp: // send? Text = hi”
8.Whatsapp was created in 2009, from which two people working in the Yahoo! company made the mill named Brian Action aur Jan koum.
9.75% WhatsApp user is active on WhatsApp daily.
10.One of the objectives of Whatsapp is No Ads, No games, No gimmicks so that they can fully enjoy their user use of a good messaging app.
11.Whatsapp does not even spend a rupee on its marketing.
12.The most downloaded app in India is Whatsap.
13.Founders of Whatsapp were rejoined in the Facebook and Twitter company interviews.
14.While text messaging, you can do text formatting (Like-bold, italic, strikethrough and underscore).
15.Whatsapp does not store its user data.
16.Whatsapp uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption technology for its messaging, so that the message is known only to the sender and the receiver so called end-to-end encryption.
17.WhatsApp company has a total of 50 engineers, which handle the 900M user.

17 facts about whatsapp you must know

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