Google just released new AI software that can learn faster


Google is ignoring everything the Terminator franchise taught us and is releasing “TensorFlow”, open-source software that helps computers learn quicker than ever before. The software is a branch of artificial intelligence called “machine learning,” tech that has already found a home in Google Search, Google Photos and Gmail. Tech-giants, like Google, Facebook and Amazon are all working with machine learning to better the services that they offer like smart search, ad targeting and product recommendations. Machine learning is now shifting into a complex realm where researchers are creating computer models that can see and even understand what it’s looking at.

See the video here

TensorFlow is modelled after how the brain recognizes things and can be used for both research and application purposes. Google noted that TensorFlow is a great start to advancing the world’s technology. By making the program open-source, more developers adopt it to convert their research into a workable application without having to rewrite code. The future may not be now, but it seems just around the computer-identified bend.



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