Microsoft Lumia 950 transforms into a PC, but should you care?


Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android phones didn’t ring the door bell and wait to be invited in.

They kicked Microsoft’s door down, stormed in, and seized the mobile market, leaving the company with a mere 1.7% of the worldwide smartphone market as of Q3 2015 according to Gartner. (That’s still better than BlackBerry’s even sadder 0.3% market share as of Q3 2015, I suppose.)

Looking back, it’s clear as day Microsoft screwed up big time with Windows Phone 7 and Phone 8. It was a huge flop right out of the gate — too late to the game to challenge iOS and Android and the software was bland. Buying Nokia for $7.6 billion only bled the company cash and did nothing to win Windows Phone cool points.


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