Nvidia’s Shield gaming tablet is one of the first to get Android Marshmallow



Following last month’s rerelease of Nvidia’s Android gaming tablet, the company has begun upgrading the 8-inch Shield K1 slate from Lollipop to Marshmallow.

The device is for people who want a tablet that can play both mobile games and stream nearby PC games.

Besides the usual enhancements Marshmallow brings to Android devices — Now on Tap, improved power conservation, and streamlined permission management — Nvidia has thrown in a redesigned camera app and a copy of the game Fallout Shelter (which is kinda silly since it’s a free-to-play app, anyway).

Prior to the K1’s release, Nvidia’s Shield initiative was dealt a significant setback when reports of tablet batteries overheating to the point of catching fire caused the Consumer Product Safety Commission to order a complete recall. Besides the tablet, the Shield family also includes a set-top box powered by Android TV and a game controller compatible with them both.

Users may now use microSD cards as internal storage, but Nvidia cautions you from configuring them for this purpose will wipe any existing data, meaning that a card backup is critical before partaking in the upgrade. XDA-Developers adds that, based on discussions in its forums, only the K1 variant is expected to see this upgrade — meaning that tablets purchased prior to last month will be officially stuck on Lollipop, though not for any technical reason.



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