VLC Chromecast support shows signs of life, and you can try it right now.


Streaming Netflix or Hulu to your Chromecast is easy-peasy, but getting local files onto your TV generally requires niche software.

Now VLC – probably the most popular video player that doesn’t come pre-installed with computers – is prepping to add Chromecast support.

The VLC team has been talked about adding Chromecast support in version 3.0 for a while, but we’re finally seeing those efforts come to fruition in actual code. Better yet, you can try it right now using a pre-release build.

Be warned that it’s quite glitchy, but if you head on over to VLC’s list of nightly builds, the most recent set of snapshots include Chromecast support. A new option under the Tools menu called “Render Output” lets you find local Google Cast enabled devices and stream video straight to your TV.

Note that that VLC says in big red letters that there is “absolutely NO SUPPORT” for nightly builds (emphasis theirs), so you’re installing at your own risk.

It might not event work at all, so you’ll probably be better off using something likeVideostream’s Chrome extension instead. But hey, at least we know it’s finally on the way.



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