Apple releases iOS 11.2

Apple is taking the highly unusual step of releasing a significant iOS update today, just hours after an iOS 11 bug started crashing iPhones. A bug in iOS 11.1.2 started causing iPhones to crash if third-party apps use recurring notifications for things like reminders. Apple is releasing iOS 11.2 today, which addresses the issue and includes a number of new features. Apple usually releases iOS updates on a Tuesday, so this appears to have been issued early to fix the crash bug.

iOS 11.2 is a big iOS update, and includes Apple Pay Cash in the US, Apple’s new peer-to-peer payments service. Apple Pay Cash will be available inside the Messages app (once servers are live), and allows iPhone users to send money through iMessage, much like Venmo. Cash is then deposited on an Apple Pay Cash card inside the Wallet app on iOS 11.2, and can be used to purchase goods through Apple Pay or transferred to a bank account.

iOS 11.2 also introduces fast wireless charging for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models. The update introduces 7.5-watt speeds through Qi-based charging pads, so devices top up battery quicker than before. iOS 11.2 also includes new live wallpapers (as seen on iPhone X ads) for Apple’s latest iPhone, along with some pop-ups that explain that the Control Center Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles have changed. You can download iOS 11.2 immediately from the software update section of iOS settings, and we’d recommend applying it as soon as possible if you’re experiencing the crash bug.



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