Fans of the action-RPG series have wanted a new title for years, but a mobile game like Blizzard’s newly announced Diablo: Immortal doesn’t seem to be it.

GAMES GET ANNOUNCED, games get cancelled, players get mad. As Lion King fans might say, it’s the circle of hype—and it’s well-represented in this edition of Replay. Controversies, kiboshes, and the oddly high risk associated with surprise game unveilings. In other words, just a normal week.

Blizzard Announces a Diablo Mobile Game, Making Everyone Furious

At fan gathering Blizzcon late last week, Blizzard capped off their presentation with a surprise announcement: Diablo: Immortal would be a multiplayer mobile game set in the Diablo universe. It doesn’t not make sense for the publisher to try to tap the gargantuan smartphone market, but with it having been more than six years since the last core title in the dungeon-crawling franchise (the last Diablo III expansion came out in 2017), hardcore fans were … well, they weren’t happy.

This wasn’t the announcement a lot of fans wanted, and seeing a game that you don’t think is going to be very good is a valid reason for disappointment. But gosh, the internet response was ugly. Here, I have an idea: What if we didn’t announce videogames? Just release them when they’re ready. Keep hype cycles to a minimum. So much less shouting.



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