Apple Black Friday 4-day ‘shopping event’

Update: The Apple Store Black Friday Event is now live in the USA, with the expected US dollar card values.

In time for Black Friday, Apple has announced a four-day ‘shopping event.’ So far, it has gone live in Australia, where it is already Friday. This offers gift cards ranging in value from A$35 ($25) to A$280 ($200) when you purchase a wide range of products – but don’t expect any deals on the latest models.

Here are the gift cards on offer, expressed in rounded US dollar equivalents:

  • Apple TV: $25
  • HomePod: $50
  • Beats headphones (see below): $50
  • Apple Watch Series 3: $50
  • iPhone (see below): $50
  • iPad (see below): $100
  • Mac (see below): $200

We’ll update with the official US values if they differ when it goes live here.

However, the deals are limited to older models. For iPhone, it’s iPhone 7/Plus and 8/Plus. For iPad, 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and iPad mini 4. For Mac, you can get a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but the MacBook Air deal appears to be limited to the older model.

The deal does apply to a wide range of iMacs, including 5K models and the iMac Pro. It also includes the Mac Pro, though that of course wouldn’t be a great purchase with an all-new modular version arriving next year. The Mac mini is not included.

For the Watch, only the Series 3 are included, with six models:

Both Apple TV and Apple TV 4K qualify. Gift cards are available with six Beats headphones: Studio 3 Wireless, Studio 3 Wireless Skyline, Solo 3 Wireless, Solo 3 Wireless Pop, Powerbeats3 and Powerbeats3 Pop.

Ultimately, the best Apple Black Friday deals are not going to be at Apple. A great example is Apple Watch Series 3, which is seeing a very notable discount to $199 at Amazon. You won’t find that in this Apple Black Friday promotion. On Thanksgiving Day, Best Buy has already dropped the price on HomePod to $250 and various retailers are taking up to $400 off the latest iPhones.

Bookmark our Black Friday Deal Hub for updates as offers are announced. Some deals are already available in Amazon’s official Apple storefront.



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