Apple testing new iPhones with three rear cameras and a USB-C port

Apple is planning to release their new iPhones in 2019, displayed with three rear cameras and a USB-C port, according to Bloomberg. The company’s this year’s biggest models, iPhone XS and XS Max have two cameras, one being a portrait lens, but are yet to release a better phone like Android (LG, Huawei) with triple lens cameras which allows more flexibility and ultra-wide angle shots.

Apple is trying to join Android’s triple lens cameras with their latest biggest invention, the iPhone XS Max with the new rear camera to capture a wider field of view. The three rear cameras will also help Apple to insert more color and pixels in their phones and be able to repair photos and videos taken by the iPhone itself. Additionally, Apple will extend their Live Photo mode from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.

According to Gurman, this year’s iPhones will receive upgrades not to their processor nor their battery life, but their cameras and most important – how you plug them in!?

It is said that the company is testing the upcoming phones to be able to plug in to a USB-C port and not their own lightning ports. Gurman says, it isn’t yet sure if this will happen, but the company itself seems to run pretty fast to be able to achieve this goal.

Faster processors and an “updated Face ID sensor” are also in the plans.

Looking beyond this year into 2020, Apple is reportedly working on a rear-facing, laser-powered “3D camera” that could “scan the environment to create three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world.” Gurman says this camera can work at distances of up to 15 feet, unlike the far more limited Face ID system on recent iPhones and the iPad Pro. That’s because Apple is apparently using laser technology for this new camera instead of the dot projector system that debuted with the iPhone X. Capturing such comprehensive 3D data could help advance Apple’s push into augmented reality, a feature that the company already heavily advertises with current iPhones.


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