Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers coming 2nd July with brand new class

As it was announced in Paris, Final Fantasy 14 will be releasing on July 2nd, 2019.

The Shadowbringers, which is the third expansion of Final Fantasy 14, will be having a whole bunch of new things arriving, such as, new story, new zones and a level raise from 70 to 80. The game director, Naoki Yoshida, also announced that a new class, called gunbreakers will be arriving, a class which blades double a gun. Yoshida though, sai this class aren’t a ranged one and that they use the gun to enhance their up-close slashing attacks.

Yoshida didn’t reveal much about the location of the new class, which makes us guess the common theory of Garlemald, a place where the big vilains are. He did show though, some new zones, including a massive forest and an area full of pixies and a winged castle on the background.


Shadowbringers, will also bring several new dungeons and some configurations in the battle system, from which the creators will be removing some unnecessary abilities to simplify the system.
One cool new feature coming in Shadowbringers is the “Trust System”, which lets players team up with NPCs for content that would otherwise require a group. What’s cool about this is that those NPCs are the other story characters that you’ll be familiar with, so more solo-minded players don’t have to group up with others if they don’t want to.

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