The Pixel’s night camera is great!

When the first review of the Pixel 3 was published, many people had concerns about their photos of moving objects. The night sight of the Pixel’s 3 camera works with editing the image with high exposure and a brighter background. With those exposures, you can get results from really professional matters such as moving cars turned into blurs for a cleaner image.

But that’s not so right.

In a recent Bear Grillz performance, someone tried to do what a mobile geek would do and captured some photos of moving lights and objects to really test out that camera and especially the night sight. People were jumping around, active and moving lights everywhere and the scene was 99% moving, so that would be hard for a usual camera, but not Pixel’s 3 XL camera with night sight. It only took him some editing to the brightening and the exposure, that was it. You can see in the image below.

Shot with Night Sight on Pixel 3 XL

Cropped and edited to increase contrast and darken shadows in Google Photos.

Googl’es camera is pretty smart enough to detect motion and turn it into a miracle. As the person took the picture it seemed that in that whole chaos of people moving around and the lights changing the focusing of the camera, the Pixel 3 XL and generally google cameras stand pretty high on focusing on a single person and editing around it, seems like a key editing. Reading all those blogs and sites about Google’s cameras and the brilliance they have on their cameras, it seems pretty hard to determine how the developers do such a thing. For me? For me this is interesting. Producing an image in an editor is pretty easy, but taking a photo of moving people and lights going everywhere, the Pixel 3 XL did stand pretty good there. Although, this is an edited image, you can’t think bad of it, all he had to do was raise the exposure and giving the lights some more color. That was it!

Shot with Night Sight on Pixel 3 XL

Cropped and edited to increase contrast and darken shadows in Google Photos.

Stretching the photos out onto a 32-inch 4K monitor is making them perfect and it quickly exposes their graininess and lack of sharpness. This is amazing for a phone like that to take pictures so clear and even on the harshest of situations, such this is, to be able to show them so clear. This automatically leaves us with new benchmark options. Think of these images uploaded on a tweet or an instagram posts, it would look just great.

Shot with Night Sight on Pixel 3 XL

Cropped and edited to increase contrast and darken shadows in Google Photos.

Right in 2019 we start to see new phones coming out with no notch and pretty different designes, showing the companies really care about the styles and not the inner treasures, but that’s what truly matters to me and will always matter, the camera. I feel great seeing those photos taken by an android phone, which I thought it was not a big deal and I really can be sure that Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi owners must do something really great to achieve such greateness, at least on their night modes.

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