Apple Watch Series 4 Review (after 2 months of use)

As an iPhone user, I wanted to make an upgrade (present) for myself and purchase the new Apple Watch Series 4 the company’s best watch so far and more upgraded one. So, after a two month use and after previous thoughts in my mind, I decided to share with you the feeling to have such a diamond in your wrist.


I personally own the Apple Watch Series 4 as said above, the 40mm one and space grey color. It has an S4 processor with 64-bit and it is Dual core. It has an OLED Retina display and 512MB of RAM. From the outside I got the sport loop, the black one, without data connection.

Generally, I use my Apple Watch every day, when I go jogging, working even when I’m sleeping. With some apps that I’ve downloaded straight from my iPhone, the watch has been a tremendous help for me and it even made me put away my own phone for a little bit.


I seriously love the way the Watch is designed to be a part of your body, a gadget that gives you comfort, helps you with your everyday work or hobbies and as always it collects all the data you would like to know at the end of the day.

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The Series 4 has a fundamental re-design, much better than the previous model and most importantly it has a curved display. The whole display is much larger now, the corners are also edgy and curved at the same time, which makes me so comfortable as of the view, because sometimes I want to look at my watch for a new notification that came up and the watch thanks to the edgy and curved display offers me a new way to see my messages. As for scree-touching the display allows me to touch every edge of the watch and hit the button that I want without any problem. Thanks to the 30% larger display, Apple has managed to improve their battery saving, while the new technology the company acquired (LTPO) helps me get through the day with one charge.

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As for the inner display, Apple has managed to make the Infograph module and I can say that this is the most helpful module existed. With the new re-designed module I can save up-to 8 complications and that automatically changed my life. Because I am a news person and I always try to be informed, I keep it in my personal life, because I want to look at the time, the weather, my activity, the UV index and my water drinking habits. The Infograph module offers me everything and I can be proud of that, so can Apple.

The Digital Crown was invented to provide an easy way to navigate on Apple Watch without obstructing the display. With Apple Watch Series 4, the mechanism has been totally re‑engineered. Haptic feedback now delivers a precise, click-like feel as you scroll. And a titanium electrode built into the top allows you to use the ECG app simply by touching it with your finger.

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The new optical sensor at the back of the watch has really been a blessing for me and it actually made my heart-monitoring habits very easy. Thanks to a new electrical heart sensor (made up of an electrode in the Digital Crown and electrodes on the back crystal), you can use the ECG app to generate an ECG, or electrocardiogram, at any time to share with your doctor.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για apple watch 4 optical sensor


Apple Watch 4 really made an impact when it first came out and the whole applause was for the battery. I am so a fan of how much this model can last its battery, when I’m outside, when I’m running or working the watch is there monitoring all the time. At the morning when I wake up and start my day, till the night, the watch can be at 10%. The fact that I have the WiFi version, doesn’t mean that Apple Watch can’t do some things. However, it is ON all the time and monitors everything that I do. I see my new messages, monitor my heart beats and even playing games, at night the watch will be at 5-10% of its power. I can say I’m very pleased with the Series 4 battery.

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Lots to tell about the Series 4 when it’s actually working. I try to make the most out of my watch and see its power. Usually I prefer to workout with it and expect to take the best results. While I’m out I sometimes stop for a drink or for a pause from the run. That moment the watch understands that I stopped and immediately pauses the meter and the stopwatch. This is a great way to conserve more battery and not waste it by monitoring unuseful data.

The way the watch speed is achieved, is most importantly once again, for the Infograph Module, as it provides many complications and low brightness (enought to see when you’re outside) for it to speed things up when you want it to. I don’t want to close my apps when I use them and that’s a thing Apple also recommends for their customers, firstly for the battery and then for the performance. You can press the digital crown and go from app to app without any sense of lagging or screen-freezing, but with an amazing change of applications achived by the new S4 chip, the company has inserted.

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Lots of apps I have installed in my watch and as everyone knows, lots of apps lots of lag. On Series 4, this is not something to worry about. The S4 chip, has done a wonderful job on keeping the performance fast and the layout of the screen colorful and pretty.


The installed Apple apps are selected one to one and this makes it so colorful and pretty when you select the menu of the watch.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για apple watch 4 menu

You can clearly see the icons of the apps you want to use and drive around them easily with your touch and then with the digital crown. The mail app is re-designed now for a better performance showing every one of the e-mails you got and even creating your own by voice. The weather app, offers an extraordinary variety of news about the current, today’s and weekly weather with information about UV index, humidity, temperature and wind speed right from your wrist. Call app is now also redesigned to make a phone call even if you’re driving or are into a difficult situation generally. The activity app offers a huge variety of sports and activities to do and share with your friends, such as Outdoor walks, Indoor walks, Outdoor runs, Outdoor cycling, Indoor runs, Indoor cycling, Ellipticals, Rowers, Stair steppers, high-intensity interval trainings, hiking, yoga, pool swimming, open water swim and other.

As for the apps you install, every day more and more come on the way and they provide an amazing experience for me and every user that wants to meet. I personally use water reminders, a thing for me to stay hydrated, weight trackers, most importantly for knowing my weight and trying to lose some, the currency app, a calculator, with all the needed features, a sleep tracking app, which is the most important thing for me and also the main reason for Apple to release this model this year and a game that I play with upgrades. Each and every one of them is designed to bring joy and comfort to the user and the Apple Watch itself cause it provides fast performance.

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The Verdict

Finally, Apple has really made a great smartwatch this year and as always we are waiting for the new model coming as always maybe on September this year’s. I’m truly happy and excited everyday for the watch and I hope it will be your purchase some day. In this review I tried to stay on the most important things of the watch, with performance and battery and not the apps. As always the company has made it clear that new features will be coming on the Apple Watch itself and most importantly for the new model this year. As it announced they will be releasing much more and things should be pretty busy right there.

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