Download the official Galaxy S10 wallpapers

After last night’s Samsung new phone reveal, it’s time to make the most out of this subject and release the brand new S10 wallpapers. That collection includes the latest gallery of the new Galaxy S10 and S10+.

If you’re interested in having those wallpapers right on your screen you can have them, as XDA- developers have published it. There’s a long way until March 8th for Samsung to begin shipping out the new phones, so grab them right from there.

The new Galaxy S10 wallpapers build on the themes Samsung has been using for the past couple of years, bringing some vibrant color combinations that should look pretty great on just about any device. There are yellow/blue, purple/black, my personal favorite orange/purple, and others. At 3040×3040, they should fit nicely on just about any smartphone out there today, and look great doing it. Better yet, that purple/black one should do wonders hiding the notch on some OLED screens.

You can check out the samples below, or grab the full-resolution copies from XDA or mirrored on Google Drive.


Wallpapers will also be saved in our “Wallpapers” section if you want to grab them from there.

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