Best Apple Watch tips

As you may have noticed, I wrote a review of the Apple Watch I have and it did pretty well, thanks to you guys. So, the next thing I wanted to do, after that review, was to make a tip article and show you the things I do almost every day. It’s already done by many people on the web and on YouTube, but every one has its own style.

Trying to dive in the definition of Apple Watch itself, like I previously wrote in the reviews, the watch itself is a piece of art. It follows me through my whole day and has an amazing battery. But we should already start.

1.Control Center

Many people may have noticed that when you’re at the main Apple Watch face, you can swipe up to reach the control center and down to reach the notification center. Doing that while in an app is not something everyone can do. While you’re in an app and want to reach the notification or control center, without having to exit the app, all you have to do is swipe from the upper or down side of the watch, but leave your finger a little more at the start of the swipe. With that way you reach both the notification center (swipe down) as the control center (swipe up).

2.Find my phone

The most of the times, I struggle to find my phone in the house, because I had something to do and forgot where I left it. But, as soon as I remember that I have my Apple Watch, this problem is solved. If you also can’t find your phone while in rush of going out or writing a message, all you have to do is just swipe up to the control center and tap the ringing phone button. When you tap it, it will automatically connect with your phone and the device will make a sound so you can hear and find its exact location. But it’s not done yet. Apple has also made another option where you can longer tap the button and your phone should make the sound with the led light on the back of it should light and give you the location of your phone.

3.Close applications

This tip is simple, but there are yet people who don’t know how to close applications as iPhone does. Although Apple and every company suggests, not to close our apps if we don’t need them, most importantly for battery purposes, there is a way you can close them on your Apple Watch. Right down of the digital crown you can see a wide button. This button is mostly used for closing active apps when you don’t need them. So, if you don’t like having active apps running on the background (although you can disable that feature too from the settings) just tap that button and delete the apps you want to deactivate by a simple swipe left. This button is also used for emergency services if you tap it for a long time.

4.Reach Siri

Siri is the best assistant for iPhone and although it is the company’s assistant I prefer it so much. There is pretty much everything you can do with it and I use every feature it has at its maximum. Sometimes, I’m in need of scheduling new appointment for my work or setting a new reminder while in rush. So, that is the time I’m gonna ask Siri to make it for me. For Apple Watch, there are two ways of talking to Siri. First, you can simply say “Hey Siri” and the assistant will pop up and will be ready to hear you. The second way is using the digital crown. You can long-tap the digital crown and automatically, Siri will come up and listen what you have to say to it.

5.Faster heart monitoring

Almost 90 percent of the day I spend monitoring my heart beats. Heart monitoring is the best and most completed feature of the Apple Watch and it’s also the main reason Apple Watch is existed. For those trying to find out how to monitor their heart beat, you can simply tap the digital crown and select the heart icon app, then the watch will automatically count your heartbeat. But, there is also a tip that we learned months ago, and it is about a faster way to monitor your beats. The moment the watch shows you your exact heartbeat, just place your finger on the digital crown and leave it there. Automatically the beats will be monitored again and again for a faster result.

These were the five most important Apple Watch tips personally and as an author of TechDomes. You can find out more about the Apple Watch Series 4 on our first review and on our second review (after two months of use) here.

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