Microsoft will announce two Xbox consoles this year at E3 2019

According to a report from a french site (JeuxVideo), Microsoft is planning to reveal not one, but two Xbox consoles one or both of which should have the new next-gen Xbox Project Scarlett hardware.

The consoles are reportedly code-named Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda, names we’ve heard before. It is said that Lockhart will be a weaker and cheaper console with no disc drive, while Anaconda should be a better, premium version. We know that Microsoft is working on multiple consoles, but that is yet to be confirmed.

In November 2018, Thurrott reported that Microsoft is preparing a disc-less Xbox One for 2019. This system will reportedly go for around $200, which would put Xbox Lockhart in the same vein as the Xbox 360 Arcade – that is, a cheaper but more limited alternative to mainline consoles. This also fits with the rumored specs in JeuxVideo’s report. 

In December 2018, Windows Central has reported that the new Anaconda will be a newer version of Xbox One X. To be clear it is said that it will be the Xbox One X S, a revised, slimmed version of the X. At this point the Xbox family is more complicated than the freaking Lannisters. Windows Central’s report also mentioned the addition of SSD storage intended to cut down on loading times, and again, this fits with the specs in JeuxVideo’s report, which says both systems will boast NVME SSDs.  

Finally, all of this means, that Xbox Lockhart will be a cheaper Xbox One and Anaconda will be a revised Xbox One X, so Microsoft is planning to announce both of them in June in order to make its comeback to the console gaming and branding. It is also said that, it will not be the flagship to rival the upcoming PS5.

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