How to enable Dark Mode in Messenger

As the long rumored iOS 13 Dark Mode is yet to come, Facebook is testing a way to make Messenger dark for users. As a Reddit user has found, therre’s a way to actually trigger an action and make Messenger enable Dark Mode on its full features on your phone.

There is no Settings option for Dark Mode to be enabled, though you have to do a little trick. First, you go to a chat thread and send the person (or yourself) the moon emoji.

Once you’ve sent the moon emoji, tap the icon on the thread and a message will automatically appear saying, “You found Dark Mode!”. If tapping the emoji, the message doesn’t appear, you have to force close the app and restart it in order to see the message.

From there, you can go to Settings and enable the Dark Mode option right on top of the list. Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode has a black interface, unlike other apps which provide a dark grey mode, which makes it look amazing on iPhoneX/XS OLED display.

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that iOS 13 will add long-awaited support for a system-wide Dark Mode. While macOS Mojave added Dark Mode last year, iOS has been left out. As we inch closer to WWDC and the September public release of iOS 13, however, we should expect to see even more apps start testing Dark Mode.

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