Apex Legends battle pass comes out tomorrow with a new hero

Apex Legends first battle pass is a fact, signaling the game’s first season starting tomorrow. The battle pass includes a variety of cosmetic items and it will be available for 950 Apex coins ($9.50) on Tuesday, March 19.


Apex Legends coming battle pass, has unlocks for every character in the game, but also introduces a brand new character, Octane, who will probably be release as soon as the battle pass patch is out. There may be banners and poses the biggest character changes, but there are also skins for Lifeline, Wraith and Mirage. The pass itself also includes gun skins with over 100 unlocks in total.

The battle pass is leveled up by gaining XP in the game, which will count both toward players’ battle pass level and their overall profile.

As players unlock more battle pass stages, the prices will get more rare. For this season, the most valuable gift is a rare skin for the Havoc energy rifle, the game’s first post-launch weapon.

Players will start to earn progress toward their battle pass unlocks as soon as season 1 begins, whether they have bought the pass or not. If players decide to buy the pass later on during the season, all of the progress they have earned will carry over and unlock all of the rewards they have earned up to that point.


Respawn is also offering a faster alternative to the standard leveling process on the battle pass: a version that costs 2,800 Apex Coins (about $28) and includes the first 25 levels of the pass already unlocked.

The battle pass will be available for the duration of Apex Legends season 1, which starts on March 19 and is called Wild Frontier. For more on what’s coming to the game, check out three screenshots of Octane in the gallery below.

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