iPhone 11 may be able to wirelessly charge Apple Watch and AirPods

As Macotacara, a Japanese Apple news blog that frequently posts reliable information about hardware coming up to release, has shared new information about the upcoming iPhone 11 and its rumored bidirectional charging. The site also has new information about wired charging solution of the new flagship phone.


According to the site’s new report, iPhone 11 will support a feature same to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Wireless Powershare. This is according to Chinese supplier sources, Macotacara says, and also the Apple Watch will be able to be charged by the iPhone itself.

TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo first predicted that Apple’s 2019 flagship iPhones would work with bidirectional wireless charging, days before Samsung launched its Galaxy S10 line with Wireless PowerShare.

Macotacara reports that, AirPods will also be able to charge with the iPhone with the wireless charging feature. The whole idea is that, iPhone’s battery is quite large enough to charge both the Apple Watch and the AirPods.


Macotacara also reports that the iPhone 11 will be bundled with a new charging cable, but it won’t switch to the USB-C port. Rather, the new report says that Apple may bundle the new 18W USB brick that ships with the iPad Pro and is now sold separately, relying on Apple’s Lightning to USB-C cable.

The report notes that the change would enable faster charging speeds. iPhones currently ship with Lighting to USB-A cables and 5W USB-A bricks, but you can buy Apple’s 18W brick and Lightning to USB-C cable separately for a $50 premium or alternatives like Anker’s $18 Lightning to USB-C cable and $20 18W USB-C brick.

Based on Ming-Chi Kuo’s report, we’re confident that the future phones will be able to wireless charge other Apple devices, than normally wireless charging.


Rumors about which power adapter and cable will ship with the iPhone are always less concrete. Macotakara reported just last month sources said the new iPhones would bundle the same slow chargers as today, and previous reports about a charging brick and cable switch have been premature.

At any rate, it seems likely Apple’s next iPhones will retain the Lightning port first introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5s and not switch to USB-C like the latest iPad Pros. Apple’s newest mid-tier iPads introduced this week, the new iPad mini and iPad Air, also retain the Lightning port and do not feature USB-C.

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