Apple unveils Apple Card in partnership with Goldman Sachs

On stage during its “It’s Show Time” event, Apple announced its new partnership with Goldman Sachs to introduce its Apple Card, intergrated with the Wallet app.


Apple first started to get in the business paying method in 2014 with Apple Pay, as then it rolled out Apple Pay Cash in the U.S., which allows users to send payments to each other and to pay businesses directly from the Messages app.

Apple takes a small processing fee for purchases made with Apple Pay. With the introduction of its credit card, the company is definitely going to take a bigger cut of the transactions made with its own credit card, contributing to its services revenue.

The card has no fees, no interest rates than common credit cards and is private and secure. It is perfectly designed for a healthier financial life and works great with all Apple devices. You can sign up directly and easily from the Wallet app. The app can be used worldwide directly via the Wallet app and across all Apple devices.


There is a brand new interface of the app itself featuring now the exact amount of your spendings with a graph, in the Wallet app. To get help, the user can contact Apple Support directly through messaging. The card also uses machine learning and Apple Maps to improve the quality of the information found in the card’s statements.

Apple Pay also has a new feature called “Daily Cash”, which gives 2% of every transaction made using the Apple Pay app. The cash back amount is automatically imported into the user’s account. For purchases of Apple products or services the amount of Daily Cash is increased to 3%.

Apple Card will be available in the summer in the US.

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