Google Pixel speed test compares 4 android versions

When Google announced that the Pixel would receive an official update of the Android Q it came as a surprise for everyone. Now, a speed test is published on YouTube to show all the updates the phone received and how everything affects the device.


The original Google Pixel and Pixel XL started to show up in 2016 and typically, these phones are starting to slow down at this point. However, Google’s flagship phones have held up quite good. Now, Gary Explains has posted a YouTube video testing the speed of the Pixel on four different versions of Android.

Using the same Pixel with different Android versions (Android 7.1.2, Android 8.1, Android 9.0, and the new Android Q beta), we can get a whole vision on how the device looks in different versions of Android. The results were actually surprising. The device has somehow the same results for every Android version. Android N finishes the custom test in 2:50 while Android 9.0 Pie comes in second at 2:52. Android O and Android Q both finish at 2:53.


Of course, this test shows us a lot of stuff. Having a phone like that with so many apps running, the daily usage of the device and running may affect performance. However, it’s interesting to see that three major releases after what it launched with, Google’s first Pixel is still running quite well. Another thing worth noting is that Android Q in this test is still an early beta, so the fact that it keeps up with the other versions is actually fairly promising.

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