Google Assistant can now order groceries from Walmart

Even though the retail store, Walmart stopped working with Google Express earlier this year, it didn’t stop collaborating with Google Home. Today, Walmart is announcing a new Google Assistant integration which gives users the ability to order their groceries with their voice.


Starting in a few weeks, a Google Assistant action will let Walmart know if the user wants to order groceries with delivery or pick up using just a voice command. The Walmart Voice order is accessed using “Ok, Google”, “Talk to Walmart”. From there, the user can choose a list of their preferred groceries to their cart and have them delivered or ready to pick up in their local store. Each addition is followed by the product being added as well as its price.

Walmart say, the integration will learn from your past purchases and help you with your future ones. For example, if a user likes a specific type of milk, the integration will look at past purchases to ensure it picks the right one. Instead of asking for “1 gallon of 1% Great Value organic milk,” the user can just ask for “milk.”

The Google Assistant integration with Walmart will of course be available anywhere where Google Assistant is. The retailer mentions devices such as iOS, as well as Google Home Hub and Assistant speakers.

The Google Assistant action page also lists compatibility with Wear OS watches, Android TV, Assistant built-in headphones, Chromebooks, and tablets too.

Walmart Voice Order is rolling out now to some Google Assistant users and will be available widely in the next few weeks. To get going, you’ll also need to link your Walmart account to the Assistant.


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