Concept iPhone dreams of virtual reality display

A new concept for iPhone explores the possibility of pico projectors creating a full-size external display and keyboard, essentially turning the phone into a mobile desktop.


Watch the video of the proposed concept below:

Hassan Kaymak for ConceptsiPhone

Pico projectors are a real thing

Concept devices are nowadays falling between a “great idea” and a “science fiction”. Unfortunately, pico projectors are quite a thing, but are included in the sci-fi range. The extremely small projectors that would be required just aren’t available.

Though we can find the pico projectors on the market, they are larger than the iPhone and they surely don’t include a screen and keyboard project, and certainly not a gesture recognition necessary fora a virtual keyboard.

However this is quite a sci-fi thing nowadays, it maybe happen one day for the upcoming iPhones, but surely not for the iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 wishlist

Kaymak would also like to see going into the next-gen iOS handset that are typical of concept devices, and some are based on rumors.

That includes a triple-lens camera and another ConceptsiPhone proposal, such as the super-slim clip-on AirBattery. The designer would also like to see Apple remove the screen-cutout from future handsets. The real iPhone 11 might take a big step in this direction with an under-screen selfie cam.

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