Latest Google Pixel 3a leak shows the phone in detail

The Google Pixel 3a has received many leaks as a sole press rendeer has appeared again after courtesy of famous leaker, Evan Blass.


The render shows the leaked images of the Google Pixel 3a, with the Pixel 3a XL not to be seen anywhere. We do not know anything yet about the great device, but that also leaves us with a sweet taster of what’s coming up.

It shows the 5.6-inch notch-free display, which we already know will have a 2220 x 1080 FHD+ OLED panel. The two tone color at the rear-phone ties the Pixel line together nicely and includes the rear-mounted physical fingerprint reader.

The display chins have miraculously shrunk and the render has a great wallpaper, which blends in perfectly with the design and the top of the display. The actual bezels also, give the thought that are smaller than they will be in real life.

That said, the lack of notch on this particular Pixel 3a press render will be a real bonus for anyone who really cannot abide by the display adornment.

While the color appears to be white, unlike the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the Pixel 3a looks as though it will come with an orange power button akin to the ‘Not Pink’ Pixel 3.

The Pixel 3a looks a lot better in this press render than the previous models we’ve seen leak in hands-on images some time ago. The plastic white body looked to have a much more glossy look in those images, whereas here, the Pixel 3a render looks much more matte in appearance.

This fresh Google Pixel 3a render doesn’t unearth a great deal more that we already know ahead of the proposed May 7th launch at I/O 2019. The mid-range handset will likely be a big seller if priced well.

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