Apple Store issue doesn’t let users download apps

Some sizeable number of people are experiencing an issue with the App Store at the moment. On an affected account, when attempting to download a pending app update or a whole new app, users are presented with a dialog to accept new Apple Media Services Terms & Conditions.


The problem is that if you press accept, the same legal screen appears again asking to approve or reject the new terms and conditions. This process repeats indefinitely and the download completely stalls.

It’s not clear exactly how many people this is affecting but we received several tips from readers, and there is a huge number of complaints on Twitter to the Apple Support account on the subject.

The issue arises on both the public iOS 12.2 releases and the iOS 12.3 beta seeds. Apple is yet to acknowledge the issue and the Apple Support system status page currently reports all services as ‘available’.

If you are affected by this, your best bet is to just give up and wait until Apple fixes something server-side. There are no known workarounds at this time.

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