Overcast for iOS adds support for easily sharing video and audio clips of podcasts

Popular third-party podcast player Overcast has been updated this weekend with a nifty new clip sharing feature. Now, with Overcast for iOS, you can easily share clips of podcasts that are up to 1-minute long, either in video or audio form.


In a blog post, Overcast developer Marco Arment explained the motivation behind this new feature. Essentially, clip sharing in Overcast should make it much easier for listeners to share bits and pieces of podcasts they find interesting or funny:

Podcast sharing has been limited to audio and links, but today’s social networks are more reliant on images and video, especially Instagram. Podcasts need video clips to be shared more easily today.

I’ve seen some video clips from tools specific to certain podcast networks or hosts, but they were never available to everyone, or for every show. So people mostly just haven’t shared podcast clips, understandably, because it has been too hard.

To access the new clip sharing feature in Overcast, simply tap the share icon in the upper-right corner and you’ll see a new “Share Clip” option. From there, you can trim the length of the clip to be anywhere up to 1-minute in length.

After you set the length, you can choose whether you want an audio-only file or video. The video can be portrait, landscape, or square, and will consist of the audio clip set to the podcast’s show art. This format makes it easy to share these clips across social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Overcast is available on the App Store as a free download. Read our full roundup of iOS podcast apps right here.

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