Aetna insurance customers can now earn a free Apple Watch with new Attain wellness program

In January, health insurance company Aetna announced a new “Attain” wellness initiative relying on the power of the Apple Watch. That program has officially launched to customers this week, allowing them to earn real world rewards – including a free Apple Watch – in exchange for healthy behavior.


Attain is based on four primary aspects. Each participant will have custom daily and weekly activity goals that include more than step tracking. The goals will integrate Apple Watch workouts such as swimming and yoga.

In addition to activity tracking, Attain will also include sleep and nutritional components, as well as reminders to receive annual wellness checks, vaccines, and more:

  • Earn rewards for hitting daily active calorie goals.
  • Get reminders for important health actions: vaccinations, such as the flu shot; scheduling primary care visits and screenings; and refilling and picking up prescriptions.
  • Get tips to sleep better, improve nutrition and increase mindfulness
  • Build healthy habits through challenges and daily activity.
  • Get support for serious health moments, like finding lower-cost options for lab tests or imaging like MRI scans.

As far as rewards go, Aetna says that users can choose from gift cards, credits towards their Apple Watch purchase, and more:

Hit your activity goals and complete healthy actions to earn points. Activity goals are based on your weight and sex. Some healthy actions are based on your personal health history. Meet your weekly activity goals to earn enough points each month to cover your Apple Watch payment.

Or use your points to get gift cards from popular retailers like CVS, Amazon, Target and Best Buy. Find out what rewards you’re eligible for by downloading and logging in to Attain.

As for obtaining an Apple Watch through the program, Aetna says you can earn a base model through using its points-based system in 24 months. You can upgrade from the base model by putting a bigger payment down at the onset of the program. Aetna notes that the availability of the Apple Watch reward varies based on insurance plan:

If you order a base model Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm) following instructions through the Attain app, you can earn it with points over 24 months. All you’ll pay now is a one-time activation fee of $15 plus sales tax. Or you can upgrade to a different model or add different features for an additional up-front cost and earn points to pay off the remaining balance.

Aetna is making it clear that privacy is a central focus of the Attain program, noting that the program is completely opt-in. Furthermore, users can opt-in to have data shared with Apple as well, allowing “Apple and Aetna to collaborate, and over time, continue to improve the Attain experience.”

Check out the Attain website for more details and download the Attain app from the App Store to get started.

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