This week’s top stories: PowerBeats have a release date, iOS 13 comes with big changes, EU launching probe for Apple, new TechCast episode

In this week’s top stories: PowerBeats have a release date, iOS 13 comes with big changes, EU launching probe for Apple, new TechCast episode.


Apple this week reported its Q2 2019 earnings, announcing $58 billion revenue and $11.56 billion profit. Here’s how that revenue broke down by category:

  • $31.05 billion iPhone
  • $11.45 billion: Services
  • $5.51 billion: Mac
  • $5.13 billion: Wearables, Home and Accessories
  • $4.87 billion: iPad

Apple’s highly-anticipated truly wireless Powerbeats Pro got a release date this week. After being announced last month, Beats this week opened pre-orders for Powerbeats Pro on Friday, with a full release slated for May 10th. The all-new Beats earphones are powered by the same Apple H1 chip as AirPods 2, work with ‘Hey Siri’, and have sporty features including longer battery life and physical playback controls.

AAPL beat expectations across the board this quarter thanks to strong performance from Wearables, as well as continued growth from Services. The company inched closer to a $1 trillion valuation, though a change in the number of outstanding shares makes that milestone slightly harder to hit.

According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple will include some new features and changes in the Reminders app, updates to iMessages and Apple Books, frequent locations options in Maps and more. Apple Watch itself, will get a new calculator, (audio)Books, and Voice Memos apps as well as adding an on-device App Store so users can download apps directly from the Apple Watch.

For iOS 13, Apple will focus, as always, on performance and speed improvements according to Bloomberg. New animation tweaks and a “cleaner look” will come along for the widgets screen. However, iOS 13 won’t be just a speed and performance update.

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