This week’s top stories: iOS 13, watchOS 6, Google Pixel 3A, more

In this week’s top stories: New iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 features leaked, full PowerBeats Pro review, Google Pixel 3A review and features, more. Read our full articles on the most important articles of this week.


A brand new report came this week about the upcoming system updates for iOS and WatchOS, offered additional details of what we can expect at WWDC next month. The report explained that the WatchOS 6 will include a handful of new apps, such as Calculator, Voice Memos, Books and App Store. iOS 13, on the other side, will reportedly add new Screen Times features, iMessage enhancements and more.

Furthermore, a new rumor suggested that the new iOS 13 will not be coming for some devices. Specifically, the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, will not be receiving the upcoming big Apple’s update. Whether it is true or not, we will be absolutely sure at WWDC next month. Learn more on what to expect from iOS 13 here.

You can also read our full Powerbeats Pro review by Harry King here.

Also, the Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL are out, letting Google getting a big step forward in the smartphone marketing, with a great camera feature and good performance. You can read John Manor’s full Pixel 3A review here if you’re interested.

Last but not least, we learned more about the 2019 iPhone lineup this week. A report from Bloomberg indicated that production has started of the Apple A13 processor, which will be used in the new iPhone XR as well as the iPhone 11. Furthermore, a supply chain report suggested that Apple will ditch the coral and blue colors in favor of new green and lavender options.

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