How to record your screen in Android Q Beta 3

Android is now out for more devices than the previous betas, thanks to Google bringing Beta 3 to over a dozen non-Pixel devices, a lot of folks are just getting acquainted with the new features we’ve covered in the previous betas. Google has also made some features hidden behind “feature flags”, like native screen recording, harder to access. Here’s how to enable screen recording in Android Q Beta 3.


In the previous two betas, Google left a number of Android Q’s experimental features hidden in “feature flags” which could be toggled via the Settings app. As for Beta 3, these flags are still available, but they’re not in the Settings app.

Fortunately, we can still access these features in the Android Q flags, including the screen recording flag, via ADB on your computer. So before you get started, make sure you have ADB installed on your computer. Then you only have to plug in your phone via USB to your computer, and run the following command from your computer.

adb shell settings put global settings_screenrecord_long_press true

After you do that, you can have access to the Android Q screen recording feature. Like in Beta 1, to access the screen recording menu, you have to long-press the Power button, then long-press the Screenshot button there.

This will open a much cleaner looking UI for initiating the recording than we saw before, asking if you want your touches to be visible or your microphone audio to be included in the recording. Next, you’ll receive a warning not to show any sensitive data on-screen while recording. After these prompts, your screen recording should begin, and it can be stopped from your notification drawer.

If anything goes wrong with the screen recording, or you simply want to turn it off, you can use another commands from your computer to go back to the default setting.

adb shell settings delete global settings_screenrecord_long_press

Be sure to give us your feedback whether it worked for you on a non-Pixel device down in the comments.

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