Google apps “will keep functioning on existing phones”

Google this evening reassured Huawei customers that the ceasing of business between the companies will not have affect on existing phones. The Android maker reassured the users that the Google services and Play Store will continue functioning in the short-term.


Delivered by the Android Twitter account later this Sunday, Google confirmed that it is trying to comply with the rules set by the US president Trump, stating that bans Huawei from operating and working with US companies.

However, Google has yet to officially detail what that suspension of business looks like. A report from Reuters that was subsequently confirmed by The Verge noted that Huawei devices will “immediately” lose access to Android updates. Future devices cannot be loaded with the Play Store, first-party Google apps like Gmail, or Play Services, which is responsible for many underlying operations on modern Android devices.

The tweet was intended to reassure the Huawei users that “the whole Google service, Google Play Store and security from Google Play Protect will keep functioning on your existing Huawei device”.

Google Play access means that apps can still be updated and the Huawei users can download new ones. In the meantime, Gmail, Google Maps, Search, Assistant, and other first-party services will still fuction. Play Protect is responsible for making sure malware is not installed on devices, and might take a more prominent in light of Huawei devices no longer getting OS updates.

Huawei users should not see much of a big problem for a short-term, but things could change dramatically in the future as Google is reportedly no longer able to provide Huawei engineers with support or collaborate on projects.

Given that Huawei is the second largest smartphone vendor in the world, this was an important reassurance to provide. While the Chinese device does not have wide adoption in the U.S., its global presence is far more prominent. All devices sold outside of China use the Play Store and have access to Google’s services.

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