WhatsApp will start showing ads in ‘Status’ feature from 2020

Rumors and reports have been showing that WhatsApp will start featuring in-app ads, but now we have confirmed information from Facebook that they will be coming to the platform by 2020.


The announcement comes from the annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, but it’s not as bad as you may have feared. Several slides from the event show what appear to be ads within the WhatsApp Stories section (via Matt Navarra / Oliver Ponteville).

Instead of showing a contact profile picture and name when you select a story, the name of the advertiser is shown instead, with their associated advert. Like Instagram Stories, you will be able to swipe up to visit a promotional page or website associated with the brand.

While ads themselves aren’t exactly the most welcome inclusion, this will be a much-preferred method than intrusive banner ads. It still isn’t ideal, but ads within WhatsApp were always likely to come at some point as Facebook has sought to monetize the world’s largest messaging platform for some time.

As far as solutions go, this might be the best way to introduce adverts to the platform without being overly intrusive — I can say from my own experience that I have never even used the Status feature found within WhatsApp messenger. It also brings some sort of parity with both Facebook and Instagram applications — which offer similar ad features.

It will be interesting to see just how users adapt to this new change. Let us know what you think of upcoming WhatsApp ads in the comments section below.

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