Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers’ benchmark is available to download now, with character creation

Following the 51st Final Fantasy 14 Letter from the Producer, the benchmark for the upcoming expansion, Shadowbringerswas released.


Using the benchmark tool, players can test out how their systems will handle the game, as well as get a first peek at its new features, including fancy job skills, the two new races, and the upcoming artifact gear for level 80 characters.

Similar to previous benchmarks, players will be able to use the character creator to make a special level 80 FF14 character. From there, you’ll be able to test out new abilities and wear the latest gear. You can even save the character’s design so that it will immediately load in the normal game when the full expansion officially releases. Note that this means you’ll be loading in the character you made, but it won’t be the same high level it is in the benchmark.

The Letter from the Producer stream also revealed a ton of details about upcoming job changes, upgrades to the user-interface, and general changes to the battle system. The video should be available in full on the game’s YouTube channel in the coming hours.

Shadowbringers releases on June 28 in early access for players who pre-order the expansion and on July 2 for everyone else. Final Fantasy 14 and its expansions are playable on Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 4.

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