Snapchat is planning to compete with TikTok, deeper music integration

The app has been very popular over time and TikTok is now offered some partnership from Snapchat, which wants to expand its support for music. The Wall Street Journal reports that Snapchat is in talks with the app to “expand the ways users can include music in posts”.


Snapchat already uses some music in-app in some cases. Now, however, the company is looking to expand its music access with broad rights to Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. This access wouldn’t be for an on-demand streaming music service like Apple Music, though.

Instead, Snap’s deals with labels would allow Snapchat users to incorporate music into their creations. This feature is currently offered by both TikTok and Instagram, both of which have eaten into Snapcaht’s user base. The Wall Street Journal report explains that TikTok is taking advantage of low-cost licensing deals for its music features:

ByteDance has been operating under low-cost licenses worked out with, a short-form video service it acquired in 2017 that lets users create lip-syncing music videos. ByteDance merged with TikTok last August and has since ballooned to some 700 million to 800 million users across its apps.

TikTok has been the most downloaded iOS app for the last five quarters, and it’s clearly starting to affect big names like Snapchat and Instagram. Earlier this month, Instagram overhauled its IGTV interface with a new TikTok-like algorithmic feed.

It’s unclear when Snapchat is aiming to roll out new music features to users. Today’s report cautions, however, that Snap is still in negotiations with labels and that it hasn’t actually finalized the licensing agreements.

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