Apple acquires startup that helps parents monitor their kids’ asthma

Apple has reportedly snapped up Tueo Health, a startup which was developing tools to help parents monitor their sleeping kids’ asthma symptoms. Tueo Health’s work involved a smartphone app that analyzes data from commercial breathing sensors.


It’s not clear exactly when the deal went down, but it appears to have stealthily happened late last year. Apple hasn’t revealed how much it paid.

Both CEO and co-founder of Tueo Bronwyn Harris and chief operating officer Anura Patil changed their employers to Apple on LinkedIn in late 2018.

“We use commercially available sensors to monitor asthmatic children while they sleep. Our technology leverages the data from these sensors to create a personalized baseline for each child,” is how Harris previously described Tueo’s tech. “Alerts are automatically sent to parents when there are deviations from their child’s baseline. These alerts are interactive and informative—we provide contextual information and just-in-time education and support to help them better manage their child’s asthma.”

Apple’s focus on health

Tueo Health isn’t the first health-related startup that Apple has acquired. Previously, the company has bought other health companies. These include medical record aggregator Gliimpse and sleep sensor company Beddit. Apple has also hired a large number of biosensor and health-related experts to join its teams.

iOS 13 is likely to include a revamped Health app. This will add new features such as menstrual tracking.

Tim Cook has suggested that contributions to the health field may prove to be Apple’s lasting legacy. In other words, he’s pretty darn serious about this!

Source: CNBC

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