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Screenshots reveal iOS 13 Dark Mode, new Reminders app, more

Being less than a week away from WWDC, where Apple is expected to unveil the new updates of their operating systems, including iOS 13. During the past and this month, we’ve talked about what to expect in detail, information which was trusted from sources familiar with the development of Apple’s operating systems. Today, we were informed about some screenshots from the upcoming iOS 13, shared to 9to5Mac, that show some of the new features.


The much-expected Dark Mode, can be enabled from the Settings app or with an option in Control Center, for quick use of the feature. The only noticeable thing in the Home Screen is the Dock, which includes a dark vibrant background instead of the light one. Apple may be releasing new wallpapers along with the Dark Mode, that work better with it.

When opening an app, such as the Music app in Dark Mode, you can clearly see that Apple is using a true black background, which works perfect with an OLED device. This change, with the black background color, can save a ton of battery, as the OLED display doesn’t have to light up the black pixels.

iOS 13 screenshot Dark Mode

Another change in the upcoming iOS 13’s UI, is the interface that appears right after taking a screenshot of your device. Instead of showing a gray background with small markup tools at the bottom, Apple now shows a blurred version of your wallpaper with more life-like annotation tools to choose from. The same changes have also been made for the iPad, which uses a rounded tray at the bottom of the screen to hold the tools. On iPad, this tray can be dragged around the screen.

iOS 13 screenshot tools iPad

As mentioned earlier this month, the Reminders app will be getting a new update for iOS such as for the macOS 10.15. On iPad, the new Reminders app has a large sidebar with separate boxes for “Today”, “Scheduled”, “Flagged” and “All”, which also includes a search box and a collection of a user’s lists of reminders. The app also uses the SF UI Rounded font introduced to iOS with Wallet on iOS 12.2.

iOS 13 screenshot iPad Pro Reminders

The Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps are also getting unified, as TechDomes previously reported. The new app is currently called “Find My” and has been significantly improved on iPad, including all the features of the two apps. The app shows a big map that fills the entire screen of the device, with a small window in the corner listing the user’s family and friends and another tab for the user’s own devices. When Dark Mode is enabled, the map looks the same as Maps on macOS with Dark Mode enabled. You can see the icon for “Find My” below.


Apple is expected to announce iOS 13 next Monday, during the opening keynote at WWDC. The first developer beta should become available immediately, with the public beta starting in the following weeks.

Featured Image: 9to5Mac

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