Powerbeats Pro go on sale in UK, France, and Germany

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro totally wireless headphones are now on sale in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, as expected. Despite only launching in a single color, supply appears to be severely constrained.


Beats is describing this as as a preorder window, so no one is getting instant shipping. The UK Apple Store is quoting 3-5 day availability, and in Germany and France, it is listed as between June 6 – June 11 delivery.

Availability at the Apple Online Store appears patchy. For instance, the UK website is flicking between allowing customers to add Powerbeats Pro to their bag and checkout or sometimes showing ‘out of stock’ messages. If you are hunting to buy, try the Apple Store app rather than the website.

Powerbeats Pro were highly-reviewed when they launched in the United States earlier this month. If you are intrigued by Apple’s AirPods but worried about the buds falling out during workouts or long runs, the Powerbeats Pro offer much of the same truly-wireless advantages as AirPods with a more secure fit, longer battery life, and richer sound.

The main tradeoff is price and portability; Powerbeats Pro are significantly larger than the diminutive AirPods earbuds — the charging case is about three times bigger — and carry a higher $249 price tag.

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