Spotify’s Social Listening feature will let you jam out with friends

Spotify is about to make it possible to listen along to music with your friends, no matter where you’re at.


The new feature, called Social Listening, will allow users to connect to friends and listen to the same thing they’re playing. You’ll also be able to add your own tracks to the queue and control playback from your phone.

Social Listening is still in development but was spotted by code hunter Jane Manchun Wong who has also unearthed a number of Instagram features in testing. Spotify hasn’t commented yet on the unannounced feature so it’s unclear when it will make it out to the public.

Spotify Connect already lets users see what people you’re following are listening too and you can make collaborative playlists. There hasn’t been a way to sync playback between multiple users though so this could be a big hit.

To use Social Listening with a friend you’ll have to scan your friend’s Connect code which can be done either in person or by sending a link. Once you’ve linked up with someone they’ll show up in your Already Connected list to make it quicker to start listening next time. The UI also shows you how many people are listening with you.

Social Listening could give Spotify another notable feature that Apple Music currently can’t match. For the most part, Spotify has been way ahead of Apple Music when it comes to social features. With WWDC 2019 just days away though, Apple Music might catch up on a few of them with the iOS 13 update.

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