Google Lens makes NBA logos reveal AR stats experience

After the Google Lens new update allowing to take pictures of the AR in Search, a number of the major augmented reality experiences announced at I/O 2019 in the past week. Another of those features is available now when you point Google Lens at NBA team logos for AR stats.


As the NBA finals are on, this AR experience is accessed by pointing Google Lens on top of the 30 basketball team logos and then instantly a pop-up indicator shows up your screen with the team selected. Afterwards, the area surrounding the logo will be marked off and a loading indicator will appear.

Then, a card that features the animated team logo will appear in real space. Slides will be showed and the selected team’s stats will also appear. During the game more information will appear. This feature has been emerged after Game 2 of the Warriors-Raptors series ended. Game 3 is on Wednesday, June 6th.

Detailed by Google Lens product head Aparna Chennapragada this evening, this is a part of the company’s efforts to “connect helpful digital information to things in the physical world.”

At I/O 2019, Google showed off Lens scanning a magazine and loading a video of a recipe. In that print example, the page featured a Lens logo in the bottom-right corner and “See how it’s made” prompt.

For example, at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, you can use Lens to see hidden stories about the paintings, directly from the museum’s curators beginning next month. Or if you see a dish you’d like to cook in an upcoming issue of Bon Appetit magazine, you’ll be able to point your camera at a recipe and have the page come to life and show you exactly how to make it.

Google just finished rolling out the new Lens that adds Dining and Translate filters. It’s joined by an OCR tool to quickly copy text and shopping to scan barcodes and products. Today’s basketball example and the recipe page work in the default “Auto” mode. NBA AR stats in Google Lens are available in both Assistant on Android and the Google Search app for iOS.

Google Lens AR page

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