Leaked image shows Apple working on a new volume HUD indicator for iOS 13

Previously, we’ve reported that iOS 13 will include a new design for the volume HUD. Now, a leaked image of an early iOS 13 build has gone out that claims to show one design considered by Apple as the new volume HUD.


Ben Geskin has posted on Twitter a new volume indicator, very similar to the one found within the Control Center. It’s smaller than the current volume design, takes over the entire interface, but it’s still quite large.

According to 9to5Mac, the volume indicator will be smaller and probably located on the left side of the notch. Apple has maybe considered more than one positions for the volume HUD, with the image shared by Geskin being one option tested internally, but it’s not the final design.

Nonetheless, it’s time for Apple to finally update the volume indicator for iOS. It was a UI joke for a while now, the volume indicator, overtaking the entire iOS interface when clicked.

Apple’s new volume indicator is not the first indicator for the iPhone, as many third-party apps have done the same for their sake. YouTube, for instance, has a thin line of a volume indicator right on the top of the screen when using the full-screen mode. Apollo for Reddit has an excellent volume indicator, which appears at the left side of the notch.

WWDC kicks off today. Apple is expected to announce iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, as well as tvOS 13 and watchOS 6. Read our full roundup of everything to expect at the event right here.

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