Sea of Thieves tabletop coming this fall

Sea of Thieves will get a tabletop role-playing game adaptation soon, with pen-and-paper adventures involving locations, enemies and objectives familiar to the year-old pirate MMO.


Sea of Thieves Roleplaying Game from Mongoose Publishing will arrive in October 2019. A PDF of the manuals is available now for £30 (about $38) and the box set is £60 (so, $76). Mongoose promises “the new Avast system” will deliver “quick and easy play,” beginning with a tutorial voyage that on-boards new games-masters and players alike. “The rules are designed for quick, immersive roleplaying that favors action, problem-solving and above all, fun!” says the product page. Book purchases also get a free .pdf copy.

Writeups name-check such Sea of Thieves video game pastimes as getting caught in dangerous storms, fighting Skeletons, encountering the Kraken and Megalodons, and doing jobs for factions like the Merchant Alliance.

The box set has a players’ (Book of Pirates) and gamesmaster’s (Lore of the Sea) manuals, a campaign called the Book of Voyages, a set of 18 dice, plus character cards, tokens and other materials. There’s also a download code to get a special set of sails inside the video game. Another listing, the Legendary Dice Box Set, includes 20 more of the game’s proprietary six-sided dice. That’s £17.50, or about $22. Mongoose’s official site has more details and images of the goods.

Via Polygon

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