Fortnite’s heavy shotgun and revolver could be coming back

Fortnite’s heavy shotgun and revolver will be coming soon in the Battle Royale game.


Both weapons were revealed a long time ago, but now, after new evidence it seems that they will soon appear in the Battle Royale game in season nine.

Theoretically, the heavy shotgun appeared in Close Encounters limited-time game mode. You won’t find it in a regular Battle Royale matches, though.

The new shotgun can fit into the game

First, we must make a revision of the current state of shotguns in Fortnite. There are currently two to choose from and neither are quite as effective as the pump.

The combat shotgun is the perfect option when aiming close, but it’s extremely hard to find in a regular game. The tactical shotgun is more common than the combat one, but nowhere near as powerful, and rare version of it are difficult to find.

Is it finally coming back?

There is evidence that the heavy shotgun will arrive soon in Fortnite.

Epic recently made changes to the weapon’s reticle, despite the fact that it was vaulted months ago. It also put the heavy shotgun in one of its new loading screens in the version 9.01 patch a few weeks ago.

Fortnite heavy shotgun
Epic Games

It seems unlikely a vaulted weapon would appear in a brand new loading screen — and even more unlikely that Epic would make changes to that weapon if it wasn’t coming back.

The revolver has been changed, too

With that last point in mind, it seems the revolver could soon be released from the vault, too.

Epic recently increased the fire rate and decreased the loading time of the pistol, which would make it much more effective. Again, it’s unlikely changes like this would be made to a weapon that can’t be used.

But when?

It’s impossible to confirm these weapons will return to Battle Royale — or when it might happen. But it seems tweaks to Fortnite’s existing meta are needed, and they are expected to happen soon.

Epic is yet to confirm the details or release date of this week’s patch, so we may see at least one of these weapons in the coming days. As soon as we find out what’s changing, we’ll let you know.

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