Sony reveals more PS5 details ahead of E3

After its announcement of skipping E3 this year, Sony is revealing some new details about its upcoming console, the PlayStation 5. The console will be coming with an SSD by default, instead of as slower HDD like the PS4; it will support 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate, for a much smoother look on displays that can handle the faster speed; and game saves will in a wat be able to transfer between older consoles, so you can pick which game you want to play without having to change consoles.


The news came from CNET, which spoke with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. Ryan said that Sony is planning to take the PlayStation Go streaming service “to a whole new level this year”. Although he didn’t really explain what that mean, Sony did just sign a deal with Microsoft to work together on game streaming tech to compete against newcomers to the field, like Google.


Some of these features are designed to make you change between console generations easier. But, it’s not yet clear how this feature will work; Ryan says it could be because you’re streaming the game on PlayStation Now, or because the PS5 will be backwards compatible with the PS4, but it’s early to talk about something like that.

When everything is networked and everybody is connected and everybody is friends, the opportunity — with backwards compatibility — to migrate that community in a more efficient manner I think is massively more attractive for gamers and for us than at any point in the past

Ryan told the Financial Times

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is expected to launch next year. The company hasn’t made any official announcement on when it will be announced yet, but it has revealed a variety of specs and details in interviews for the E3 so far. For now, we know that the PS5 will support 8K graphics and run off of an eight-core CPU based on AMD’s Ryzen chips, with a new GPU based on AMD’s Radeon hardware. Ray tracing and a chip for “3D audio” will also be included.

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