Google announced a design video of Pixel 3, Nest Hub, more

Over the past several days, Made by Google on Twitter and Instagram has released a series of design videos that focus on the materials used in its products. Covering the Nest Hub, Pixel 3, and Pixel Slate — so far — they are quite entrancing and well worth a watch.


The first Google design video released on Friday highlights the Nest Hub’s four fabric colors of Chalk (white), Charcoal (black), Aqua (green), and Sand (pink). At 22-seconds, the clip is a myriad of abstract shapes and soft hues, while backed by an almost hypnotic soundtrack. The finished Google Assistant Smart Display is not shown off until the end. Each video is accompanied by an equally short caption on the company’s design principles:

Good design is a process. The materials we use are carefully selected and refined so the end result is a perfect blend of form and function.

Saturday’s is about the Pixel 3’s “curved glass” that combines with a “soft touch area” to create a “smooth tactile finish.” The soundtrack is more upbeat and shows the panel being manufactured from start to finish. There is a particularly gorgeous shot that zooms in on the finished glass independent of the rest of the phone.

Good design considers the end user from the very start. Pixel 3 features curved glass with a soft touch area creating a smooth tactile finish.

The latest Google design video is focussed on the Pixel Slate, especially the first-party keyboard. While the entire magnetic setup lacks stability (especially on laps), the rounded keys feels great and are quite unique. This video shows holes being laser cut in the top case and sliding on top of the keys.

Good design is in the details. The variety of contrasting materials add a rich and soft feel to the Pixel Slate experience.

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