Ethereal fantasy game Sky will finally soar onto iOS in July

Thatgamecompany’s eagerly anticipated Sky: Children of the Light is coming exclusively to iOS next month.


The ethereal social exploration game, which takes place across seven different dream-like worlds, is its developers’ first title since 2012’s Journey. Check out the new E3 2019 trailer below.

Sky was first shown off at Apple’s iPhone 8 event back in 2017. At the time, company founder Jenova Chen introduced the title onstage, hailing it as a “romantic social adventure game.” Since then, the game has been in a long beta phase, likely due to its massive scope.

According to its developers, in Sky gamers can:

“- Soar and explore 7 dreamlike realms to uncover the mystery
– Encounter and socialize with like-minded players from around the world
– Feel free to express yourself with a delightful selection of character customizations
– Team up with others to adventure into darker realms, save spirits and uncover ancient treasures
– Gift candles of light to share appreciation and grow friendships
– Enjoy a unique musical experience and create harmonies together
– Join an ever-expanding world with new upcoming attractions, including seasonal events and expansion of realms.”

You can pre-order Sky from the App Store here. It will be available on July 11. It’s free to download, although a note on the App Store points out that, “This content may change without notice and the final product may be different.”

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