iOS 13 devices will be able to share their live route ETA with a friend

From now on, devices that run the latest iOS 13 update will be able to share user’s journey status with personal contacts in a feature called Share ETA.


Your friend will receive the address of your destination and your expected arrival time. The best of this feature is that, the estimated arrival time (ETA) will automatically be updated, so you’ll now if they hit traffic or get delayed.

Share Route ETA in Apple Maps can be initiated ad-hoc on a per-route basis. If you are meeting up with someone in the city, you can share your ETA to give them an idea of where and when to meet you.

You can also enable the option for favorite places to always share your experiences with specific people.

For example, if you regularly commute home from work, you could add your spouse to automatically receive ETA alerts every time you take the journey home.

To use Share ETA, you need an iPhone running iOS 13. The Share ETA features can be found inside the Maps app on the iPhone or as part of the CarPlay interface.

ETA sharing only works when you set a route using Apple Maps navigation.

Here’s how to use ETA in iOS 13:

  • Start a route with a car transportation in Apple Maps. Enable driving directions with navigation.
  • Swipe up on the white tab, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap “Share ETA”.
  • Select a contact you’d like to share ETA with.

The person you selected to share your destination with, will now receive a notification on their lock screen that you’re on the way.

The notification displayed on the user’s lock screen will include the ETA time (in the user’s local time). If they open the Apple Maps app, they will be able to track your progress in real-time.

Siri will automatically display your ETA progress in the lock screen.

To set up Share ETA to automatically send route information to close personal contacts, like telling your spouse that you are on your way home from work every day, add the place as a favorite. iOS 13 Maps automatically gets your Work and Home locations from your contact card.


Select the location — in this example ‘Home’ — and press the (i) button to see more details. In the details screen, tap Add Person in the Share ETA section. You can then select one or more contacts to add. Now, every time you start a route to your home, your contacts will be notified of your journey and your expected arrival time.


This feature requires iOS 13 of course to be enabled. If the person receiving the ETA sharing also has iOS 13 installed, they can get the rich notifications and Apple Maps UI as seen above.

However, if the person is yet to update to iOS 13 or even if they have an Android phone, you can still share your ETA. In this case, Apple Maps will send periodic alerts as text messages, once when the journey starts in addition to follow-up texts if the ETA changes substantially.

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