IKEA launches smart blinds in August

Ikea’s HomeKit-compatible smart blinds were originally supposed to launch back in April, but were delayed due to firmware issues. Now, Ikea says on its website that the blinds will be available starting in August.


As spotted by a user on Reddit, Ikea’s Swedish website says the KADRILJ and FYRTUR smart blinds will be available in August. The company further explains that the original delay was due to it finding an opportunity to increase the functionality of the blinds:

We appreciate your interest in our smart blinds KADRILJ and FYRTUR. These blinds were intended to be sold in February, but will now be available in August, according to our forecasts.

At IKEA we always want to offer the best possible product to our customers. The delay is due to the fact that we found an opportunity for increased functionality and therefore wanted to update the products’ software before we launched the blinds in our stores.

Given that this message only appears on Ikea’s website in Sweden at this point, it’s possible that the launch in the United States and other countries could happen at different times. For instance, one user on Reddit says they were told by the company that the smart blinds won’t launch in the United States until October.

Ikea’s blinds are highly anticipated by many HomeKit users. The blinds are rumored to start at just over $100 in price, making them far cheaper than other smart blinds on the market. Ikea has proven to be a popular choice for budget-friendly smart home accessories, and it will be interesting to see its HomeKit blinds launch later this year.

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