Apple may throw a lifeline to struggling iPhone display maker

Apple may help out struggling display maker Japan Display, a new report claims.


Japan Display, which makes screens for the iPhone XR and an upcoming Apple Watch model, suffered a devastating blow this week. After appearing to have sorted out a bailout from a Chinese consortium, several members dropped out.

As with many suppliers, Japan Display relies on its Apple business. Around half of its revenue comes from Apple, according to its financial reports. Now Apple may step in to throw the company a lifeline.

Apple previously supplied some of the funding for Japan Display to build a factory in Japan to make iPhone panels. Japan Display was due to pay Apple back in yearly increments of 20 billion yen ($184 million). As of March this year, Japan Display owes 100 billion yen. To throw Japan Display a potential lifeline, Apple may be willing to renegotiate how it is repaid.

According to the Wall Street Journal

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