iOS 13 now warns you when you delete an app for your running subscription

iOS 13 and iPadOS now warn you if you attempt to delete apps with active subscriptions.


The new popup, which was introduced in Apple’s second beta builds on Monday, also includes a “Manage Subscription” button that makes it easier to cancel subs you no longer need.

Subscriptions are becoming an increasingly popular method of generating revenue for mobile app developers. If you install a high-quality app, and it didn’t cost you anything to download it, there’s a good chance it has a subscription.

You may have even subscribed to apps and forgotten that you’re paying a fee, but iOS 13 will help you remember. When you attempt to delete an app you’re still coughing up for, you’ll be prompted to cancel your subscription.

Beta 2 makes subscription improvements

The new popup, spotted in the second iPadOS beta by Federico Viticci, asks “Do you want to keep your subscription for this app?”

The prompt explains that you can continue to use your subscription on other devices, and reminds you when the subscription will renew. If you want to cancel, you can tap the “Manage Subscription” button.

This will take you directly to the subscriptions section in the App Store, where you can cancel any subs you no longer need.

Apple continues to make iOS 13 improvements

This change, along with the others made in iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2, is evidence that Apple is continuing to work on improvements for its next-generation upgrades during the beta testing process.

It’s likely we will see many more enhancements like this in future betas before iOS 13 and iPadOS roll out to everyone this fall.\

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