iOS 13 developer beta 2 changes and features

On Monday iOS 13 beta 2 was released to developers and, as expected, it comes with a whole host of new changes and features. The update is headlined by the SMB server functionality in the Files app, which was not working in the previous beta. Beta 2 also includes several new Memoji stickers and new Portrait mode functionality in the Camera app. Watch our hands-on video walkthrough for a look at what’s new in iOS 13 beta 2.


iOS 13 beta 2 changes and features

Files app

  • SMB Server functionality now works
  • External drives now support APFS


  • High-Key Light Mono Portrait Mode effect
  • New Portrait Mode intensity control when editing photos
  • Updated Reset Button in edit crop mode


  • New Confirmation toggle in Notification settings for Announce Messages with Siri
  • New Tap Back sound effects
  • Four new Memoji stickers


  • Toggle Parallax and Live effect for wallpaper
  • Direct subscriptions link in iCloud settings


  • Preferred Language in Settings
  • Sort checked items
  • Updated new note glyph
  • Select button now works
  • New Dark Mode toolset


  • New Hide Link Previews option in Settings
  • New Options button when sharing a website


  • Increased haptic feedback with sound
  • Tap to select text is more reliable
  • Updated Home screen icon when using Command+Tab
  • Do you want to keep app subscription? prompt when uninstalling apps


  • New buttons in Voicemail tab
  • Pure black background in Favorites tab


  • Updated edit menu
  • Update Glyphs when adding new reminders
  • Swipe to access List detail


  • New Wake Up Alarm glyph
  • New BedTime glyph

Voice Memos

  • Larger Play button


  • †New HomePod splash screen for custom voice setup


  • New Splash Screen


  • New Set Appearance Action for Dark Mode

What’s your favorite new change or feature in iOS 13 beta 2? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

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